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With our KLEBER-Shirts you can not only buy your favorite design for your apple device but also for yourself! Wear a piece of textile individuality and enjoy life with KLEBER-Fashion. For all the big city-heroes, office-fashionistas and design-lovers. With the KLEBER Punk and Pop Couture to wear you issue a statement and celebrate your style!


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style england - fit to ipad from kleber

Women Tee. Love London

29,00 EUR
kleber t's perfect fit not only for macbook's

Women Tee. Lizzy Spray

29,00 EUR
kleber shirt spray fits to macbook sleeve

Men Tee. Lizzy Spray

29,00 EUR
macbook pro pendant to your sleeve

Men Tee. Love London

29,00 EUR
amy w. t-shirt from kleber sleeves

Women Tee. Queen of Soul

29,00 EUR
jesus style shirt from kleber jesus rocks

Men Tee. Jesus Rocks

39,00 EUR

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