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James Marshall „Jimi“ Hendrix † 18. September 1970

James Marshall "Jimi" Hendrix was born on November 27, 1942 in Seattle. He rocked us and played the guitar like God. The great musician, singer and songwriter died much too young at the age of 27 years- on 18th of September 1970 in London. 

When performing with his band at the Monterey Pop Festival, he burned his guitar at the end of the ninth song, WILD THING. 

He said: The time I burned my guitar it was like a sacrifice. You sacrifice the things you love. I love my guitar. "

In memory of the best guitarist ever, we have designed the sleeve for iPad or MacBook Air 11 "and 13", which is not colorful but still pretty cool.


Brigitte Bardot * 28th September 1934 in Paris

The sex icon provoked with sexually explicit and free speech. The actress with sexy pout and sensual curves confused with her body and with her comments. As a young girl she was discovered as a model. Later the actress with the self-confident shown erotic broke all taboos. The list of her lovers is long ... She says about herself , a couple of weeks and the weekly PARIS MATCH ago : "I have loved much and passionate. It's my nature ."

Today she lives retired in her villa in St. Tropez and instead the company of lovers or photographers preferred the Bardot today the company of animals. 

Love the BB for her authenticity, hate her for her xenophobic ideas...! 

We would like to see her with our iPad sleeve *Wild Thing. This bag seems to fit perfect for her.


Crochet Art.

Agata Oleksiak in Poland studied art history, as her hobby the Crochet went out of control. Today she is enveloping by her stage name Olek people, small cars and even apartments in thread and yarn. In 2002 she moved to New York. The sweater for the Charging Bull on Wall Street made her famous. We rathe love the idea of ​​transformation and alienation together with the absolute color flashing of this lady !


The Missoni Fall 2014 collection- inspired by the futurist Fortunato Depero’s geometrized “Rotations of dancer and parrots”, and the surrealist mysterious bird-like women painted by Max Ernst. Outfits that look luxurious and seductive like a plumage in motion, interlacing and interweaving graphic patterns, shades and iridescences. Yellow and blue, red and orange mix & matched with black, powder and white.

Perfect birds of Paradise.

We love the paradise look of this Missoni collection- and noticed our exotic inspired protection sleeves for your loved AppleMacBook style Miami is perfectly matching with the vibrant, fiery and shimmery dresses of these beautiful collection.

MARC. by Marc Jacobs

Marc by Marc Jacobs. The new Spring 2015 collection

A subculture mixture between the surf, grunge and west coast punk.
Taking a pinch of sun, summer and music- Marc Jacobs created a colorful cocktail of indigo denim wear….ornamental Indian embroidery; ikat tie-dyeing; trippy color-blocking;high tech rubber raincoats; cotton and jacquard blazers worn with matching shorts…..

This surf punk look of the Marc by Marc Jacobs Spring collection 2015 rocks- get your look perfect with our KLEBER sleeve iPad sleeve My Way.


Dennis Hopper – The Lost Album

The exhibition Dennis Hopper – The Lost Album in the Royal Academy of Arts brings together over 400 images, taken during one of the most creative periods of his life in the 1960s. Every image you’ll see was chosen by Hopper himself for his first major exhibition in 1970 and is the vintage print he produced for that occasion. He also shot some of the biggest stars of the time from the worlds of art, fashion and music, from Robert RauschenbergAndy WarholPaul Newman or Jane Fonda

Dennis Hopper, born 1936 in Dodge City/Kansas,who died in 2010 was an actor and director. He studied at the Actors Center in New York, played with James Dean in Rebel Without a Cause in 1955, and lived out his life from then on as a Hollywood rebel, with a series of difficult relations to drugs, women, authority, and so on. He played in films like Easy Rider (1969) YEAH, Apocalypse Now (1979) Blue Velvet (1986) or Speed (1994) and much much more.  And he directed- …my favorite film Easy Rider….and much much more. Less known- he was a great photographer too.

Let´s hook up*
Until 19th of october you can snap at the chance- carry your MacBook and pack it in one of our stylish protection sleeves Nowhere.


She died with 27 years old, sadly we welcome her as the new member to the 27 club of great musicians: HendrixJoplinMorrisonand Cobain….

Today, 3 years ago Amy Winehouse died. Her voice, so abysmally deep and and experienced, so cynically and sexy, has captured me from the first moment i heard it. I thought: UAA WOW- and I thought that this singer should be much more older! Anyway, she lived her life with excesses, painfulness and crashes. Her badly self-destruction made her life much to short and that is sooooo sad.

There was no voice that took me like hers.

In memory to the greatest singer and songwriter, Amy Winehouse, dying with only 27 years- our iPad sleeve Cherrie Kiss.

Thank you, Amy, for your wonderful music*


At the 15th of may 2014 at 18o´clock the 32th Mille Miglia started...and KLEBER were present...

For 30 years, Mille Miglia has been bringing together exeptional personalities to the world of sport. Today, the 
reenactment of the Mille Miglia is an event in a class of its own. Mille Miglia has combined tradition with innovation, 
and vividly coloured that combination with creativity, elegance, beautiful scenery and the Italian way of living. This 
plethora of rich elements has made the Mille Miglia a symbol of Italian excellence all over the world.

It all happens during a long, exciting weekend in May. Only the cars selected from the models which took part in the 
original race can participate to Mille Miglia, with teams coming from all over the world. Thursday afternoon the cars 
leave Brescia, heart of the Mille Miglia, and arrive in Padova for the first overnight stay. The next morning they leave 
for Rome, passing San Marino and L'Aquila on the way. On Saturday they depart for Bologna, where they stay 
overnight before embarking on the last stretch to Brescia on Sunday morning, where they will be enthusiastically 
welcomed home for the prizegiving celebrations. 

The Mille Miglia took place from 15th to 18th May 2014. Brian Johnson, Singer of the Australian rock band 
AC/DC, the Scottish  singer and songwriter Amy MacDonald , the Belgium Popstar Milow , the actor Jeremy Irons 
and the ex US-Talkmaster and oldtimer collector Jay Leno were only some participants of the race.

KLEBER at the Mille Miglia. Sunglasses and ...AMAZEMENT! Our faithful companion, the Apple MacBook Pro 
13 inch took part - protected and stylish packed in the handmade vintage sleeve RACING KLEBER-Tasche.

MILANO. Salone + Fuorisalone

Great events, creativity, get´s you in each corner of the city ... Milano, during the Salone di Mobile .
We got wonderful weather. Sunglasses and a big and cool beer. Red Bull is offered on every corner....
People stroll, pose, marvel and celebrate.. The Design District around  
Via Tortona flickers the air smells like pee and
party. Here are not only the small Labels represent that can not afford a bold stand at the Salone, but the district is a
cult- address become.
Color & fantasy bring a explosive mix of concentrated joy. WOW

You should wrap your MacBook really good in these days- best in one of our bright bags. We left our baby at home-
for more safety :)) and only had our iPhone with us. The sleeve we took
this time was simple & cool
worn leather look, model  KLASSIK VINTAGE.



WE LOVE Green*

Our stylish and cool sleeves are made of coated canvas, not PVC or tarpaulin ... 
and we produce in good old Germany; that means: our sleeves do not travel halfway around the world before they
can hold 
it in your hands.

Despite all good intentions we got limits, set by user friendly features as the coated surface or the Velcro. Therefore,
we support a little amount 
of our revenue to the project 1% for the planet-an organization that works for effective

So we supply with our "EARTH TAX" a small contribution to make the world a little better.
more information 
under 1% for the Planet.

WIR LIEBEN ES, wenn Ihr unsere Taschen liebt.


of love´s fashion visited  Berlin´s Fashion Week with our sleeve * PAULS ROLLER. 
PAUL visited the B & B in Barcelona with his iPad and the KLEBER sleeve * JOHN W

JOHN was on the Fashion Week in New York with model * LUDWIG
LUDWIG was in Paris with * JAMES MARSHALL

JAMES was in Cape Town with his darling. His darling was in Cape Town with JOHN- 
that´s * SAFARI.

Where are you going? 

On all our ways we took our favorite toys and tools….Make sure they travel safety. Pack them into

one of our colorful and fancy vintage sleeves. COLOR ROCKs.

Miami's ART DISTRICT miami_art_district_macbook_tasche_graffiti

With the navi on the lap in search of a sushi shop we have landed in the Art District. Nice surprise!

A few obscure and special shops ... with bars on the windows-not exactly trust…A shambling girl crossing the street-
giving us a pretty impression - not to come at night…
It started to rain and didm´t stopped ... Miami Art District-flooded. 
Fantastic Graffiti - we are absolute speechless and feel sooooo small*
Incredibly diverse, angry and colorful.

Our iPad and MacBook Air sleeve model Graffiti is not quite as angry-but with much much lifestyle. Should be on
every of your trips. Pretty cool protection in graffiti style


We love the Ticino, not as far away from the ´Schwabenländle and always good for a short break. 
Beautiful colorful
houses, an incredibly lush vegetation and Dolce Vita, water, mountains and 
Vino Frizzante is enough to make us
Our favorites in Ticino: beautiful and wild 
Val Verzasca, the Riva Bar in Lugano and Campione d'Italia *

GREAT: Pizza Siciliana and Tagliatelle Frutti di Mare

The favorite bag for the iPad suitable for this region: the model PAUL ROLLER, with the image of a Vespa on it´s
back- that's Dolce Vita- this sleeve for sure shows a lot of italian lifestyle. 
For the evening dressed chic, we took the
iPad sleeve HARD ROCK on our trip. 
A great classic all-over pattern- fits with any of our outfits.

Live Fast, Love Hard, Die Young festival_rock_star_taschen_und_Huellen

OPEN AIR FESTIVALS, no roof .. rain, dirt and mud….Do we really need THAT?

YEAH- of corse we DO
Because there is nothing better than this gorgeous state of emergency- everything is sooo unimportant after a drunken
night, sleeping in a tent and the party goes on and on and on.

I loved to see *Woodstock* 

IPad and MacBook ,please, leave it at home*

We did a small selection of stylish sleeves in memory of great musicians, like the unforgettable Amy, Jimi Hendrix,
Sex Pistols and the Beatles ...

DRACHENFEST. ipad-tasche-hongkong

Our short stay in Hong Kong, long not enough time to explore this exciting and brightly colored metropolis- but we
came back deeply impressed and inspired.
Located on China's south coast this great town offers a tropical climate, its beauty and color immediately captivated
Our favorites in Hong Kong: the escalator, which connects the office complexes with the hillside housing complexes /
SOHO, one of the most exciting townships .... and the double-decker buses disguised as a traveling MCM bag /
and SUSHI, tea houses and dim sum-

Travalling with our MacBook suitably dressed for this dream metropolis: in the
KOI MacBook sleeve.
The KOI brings happiness in our lives and that´s what we all can´t get enough of.


We love cool bikes and fast cars-but who does not? Harley Davidson, Porsche and Ferrari but ...never mind_WHAT
ABOUT THE dammed old ( but wonderful) vehicles…with cult status ... my personal favorite is the
VW Bus * sorry *
nothing against speed.

We created a great sleeve to pack your iPad, MacBook or iPhone in a comfortable protection with speed status: the
KLEBER sleeve model

Perhaps a great sleeve for all you chess players too?