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Pop Couture for iPad, MacBook and iPhone true to the motto:

Individual, colorful, stylish – anything but uninspired


For cosmopolitan fashion-punks, retro-fans and urban business-rock 'n' roller


Creative Cases for Mac Book, iPad an iPhone, made of high-quality materials – Designed and made in Germany


KLEBER with its modern and extraordinary designs quickly developed to a trendlabel for fashion-conscious individualists with attitude and style. Thanks to the diverse and trendy looks between pop art and vintage the national and international press took notice of the label. Many Fashion- and Lifestyle magazins, blogs and Apple portals from Germany, the USA and the UK reported about the KLEBER-Taschen sleeves Collection.


„Case…Get it covered! KLEBER-Taschen iPad Sleeve,
They live by their PUNK.POP.PATTERN.ROCK mantra…“
  British GQ


Pop Art for life“


„With an extraordinary idea and an impressive look […]The young trendlabel Kleber succeeded in creating a true lifestyle-sleeve for the iPad[...]“


„The company produces a range of carrying pouches[...]- including some new meat-inspired models that would definitely make Lady Gaga proud“


„In our test we were impressed by the processing as well as by the range of high-quality materials of the KLEBER sleeve, so we can recommend you these accesories without hesitation, as far as you are into extraordinary designs...“

apfelnews– Apple Mac und iPhone Magazin


„Kleber sleeves create unique and colorful protective cases with the theme pop culture...“

et voilà – Büro für Kreativexzesse


„Don't let your style standards stop at your clothing. Wrap your technology in a jacket that's as well-made and good-looking as the one on your shoulders with this protective iPad sleeves from Kleber....“


Comparison on Giga





Everything started with the search of fashion designer Christine Kleber and designer Mike Mader for a Macbook sleeve beyond mainstream, an individual eyecatcher – cool, modern and with a personal statement character. At the same time, as accesory it should form a harmonious unity of fashion design and everyday-utility, which not only accompanies the wearer, but also reflects him.


But for the two designers, the market didn't offer anything that met these criteria and so they finally produced a prototype of their own Macbook pouch – The creative birth of the KLEBER Taschen pouch! The fashionable companion made in Germany quickly was coveted by fashion-lovers and technophile office-cowboys and everybody wanted to know where they could buy the sleeve. Convinced by this response, the two finally created a design-orientated sleeve-collection for apple devices. Since then, the KLEBER-pouches spirit is rocking with Pop&Punk Couture at its finest!


The sleeve-collection is produced at two sites in Germany. It is distributed via the KLEBER-Taschen online shop, via the biggest gravis stores and amazon.


KLEBER materials – product details


Genuine wool felt for the perfect protection of your apple devices


The inward of the KLEBER-pouches is completely equipped with soft, high-quality wool felt to avoid scratches while packing in and out the devices. The material is eco-friendly and exactly punched into the forms made for it, so your iPad, Macbook or iPhone can be transported perfectly protected. The filt in iPad- and Macbook-sleeves is about three millimetres thick, in the iPhone-sleeves one millimetre.



Coated Canvas for a trendy look and optimal protection from the dangers of everyday life


On the outer, the KLEBER-Taschen cases are made of canvas, which was subsequently sealed and therefore reliably protects your apple devices from urban everyday life threats like dust, water drops and scratches. At the same time, the surace can easily be cleaned with a damp cloth. Look and feel of the Coatded Canvas emphasize the individuality and the style of the sleeve. As the material wears out with time, the look of the sleeve is also „characterised“ by the care of the carrier. In this way, the vintage look can be preserved or even increased. At the same time, the materials of the case are eco-friendly, following the motto: „Less plastic, more statement!“. In addition to that, KLEBER sleeves donate one percent of their profits to the international organisation One Percent for the planet which campaigns for enviroment protection.


KLEBER-Taschen HANDLING - Easy. Practical. Fast


The shape and function in the classic messenger style makes it easy to open the sleeve and take out the iPad, Macbook and iPhone with one hand, without inconvenient buttons or zippers. The pouch can be closed safely with velcro tape and the devices can not fall out. 




The iPad, iPhone and MacBook of course are of a high material value and most times, the data which are on them are even more valuable. If you lose the advice, we hope for you that the noble finder returns it safely. To raise the chances for that, in our models for MacBook und iPad you have the possibility to write your adress and info for reward onto writable lables in the cases.